Looking at Student Work
Looking at Student Work

beyond the basics

QMark Questions
Beyond the Basics provides a meeting space for members of the LSW Collaborative and other educators experienced in looking collaboratively at student work to explore some of the crucial questions and issues related to our work. Organized topically, it contains excerpts from meetings, publications (sometimes in press), dialog, and reflective writing by members of the group. Since it is a meeting space, we encourage response to any posting here. Please let us know about resources that might help us understand these issues.
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TOPIC #1: Q Questions
1. Varieties of Questions in Protocols:
An Overview

Explore with examples the different types of questions used in protocols: inquiry, focusing, clarifying, and probing questions.

2. Pocket Guide to Probing Questions
Criteria, construction tips and examples of probing questions.

3. The "Choosing a Question" Protocol
Criteria for developing questions to work on through LSW.

4. Focusing Questions
The kinds of questions a presenter uses to focus the protocol discussion.

5. Questions for Reflecting on Protocols
A list of questions that groups can use to reflect on their experience.

Questions in Action:

* The Virtual Protocol.
This is a recreation on-line of an actual Collaborative Assessment Conference in which teachers looked at two pieces of writing from the same student. Includes a teacher profile, list of participants, the student's work, and excerpts from the dialogue through each step of the process.