Looking at Student Work
Looking at Student Work


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Supporting Materials

So you think you want to try this? Here are supporting materials developed by practitioners and professionals to help guide you through looking at student work.

Pocket Guide to Probing Questions
Criteria, construction tips and examples of probing questions. If you have been trained by NSRF® as a Critical Friends Group® Coach, consider purchasing a coaches membership for access to more Probing Questions assistance. National School Reform Faculty™.

Guidelines for Learning from Student Work
How to stay focused on the evidence and listen to muliple perspectives.

Getting Ready
How to get ready for a student work protocol. Includes selecting a project, collecting contextual materials, and picking a focusing question.

Collecting Student Work
Examples of collecting and preparing student work.

Facilitation Tips
Tips for facilitating a protocol discussion.

Varieties of Questions in Protocols: An Overview
Explore with examples the different types of questions used in protocols: inquiry, focusing, clarifying, and probing questions.

Inquiry Questions: The "Choosing a Question" Protocol
Criteria for developing questions to work on through LSW.

Focusing Questions
The kinds of questions a presenter uses to focus the protocol discussion.

Questions for Reflecting on Protocols
A list of questions that groups can use to reflect on their experience.